Feeder Nakima FX2500
  • Feeder Nakima FX2500

Feeder Nakima FX2500


A true high-speed reel for feeder or predator fishing, capable of putting the necessary time difference between you and the competition.

With a 6.2:1 gear ratio, fast and accurate retrieval of feeder baskets, tackle or baits is easily achieved.

Retrieval system equipped with 9+1 bearings for smooth, continuous and stable retrieval.

Extremely fast line retrieval.

Winding capacity of 200 m / 0.20 mm (depending on the line to be used). Finely adjustable front brake.

Plazo entrega 15/30 días

- Finely adjustable front brake.
- Comfortable rubber crank buttons.
- Long cast aluminum spool.
- 9 + 1 quality ball bearings.
- Weight 270 g.
- Comfortable EVA handle.
- Anti-twist line roller.
- Unlimited back stop.

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